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Business Cards Printing Edmonton

Universal printing has offered business card design and printing services since 1985. With our 35+ years of experience, we have achieved expertise with business card design and printing. The business card contains the service and contact details of your business. It makes a first impression on the receiver's mind. It is known as a marketing tool.   

Business cards play a significant role in creating opportunities. They help increase sales due to the power of personal networking. Remember that with a solid networking plan, your business can build a true brand identity. Business cards help significantly in creating a chain of personal relationships.

Business cards designs

We design and print simple business cards, UV business cards, foil embossed business cards on high quality card stock. 

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Business cards designs and printing service in Edmonton

We print business cards on two types of paper; Premium and Standard quality papers.

Business cards standard size is standard 89 x 51 mm, 89 x 55 mm, 63.5 x 63.5 mm. We also print custom size and shape business cards in Edmonton.

Spot UV, Glossy and Matte paper stock used for business card printing.

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Business card printing in south Edmonton. UBV spot, Glossy and matte papper. in different size and premium and standard quality papers.

Business Card contains the following information

Name and Title

Name on the business card is very important. No-name cards are pretty much useless because prospects want to connect with an actual person, not some anonymous “contact.” A name and job title let people know who your client is and what they do.

Company Name and Logo

Card receiver need to trust not only cardholder, but also the brand of the cardholder represents. When client is working for a company, you can add company logo to establish trust.


Phone number is extremely important in business card. Many people talking on phone rather then website or mail, because it is more personal. If you are dealing with multiple phone number, it is necessary to mention the label of the phone number. You should avoid non business phone number.

Email and URL

Normally people pair email and web together. So, anyone can easily contact your client directly or visit website. One can only use professional email address along with phone number.

Business cards come in the following orientations:

1. Landscape

The landscape format is the most common orientation used in business cards. On a positive note, it is easy to read landscape formats quickly especially when they are sitting in a card holder. Landscape format can be printed by every printer. On the negative side, it is almost too common. Since most designers use landscape, it’s typically not a unique execution and is hard to stand out from the crowd.

Landscape business card

Points to check business cards are perfect

Some of the points that you should consider to ensure that your business cards are perfect are as follows

Keep the design of the business card simple

You must select a simple template and keep the design of the card simple. But at the same time, the card should indicate the particular industrial sector your business enterprise belongs to. Say, for instance, you are a restaurateur, then you must have specific images or symbols that indicate you own a restaurant. This is necessary to ensure that your customers can associate with your business enterprise and your brand. In the case of other types of industrial sectors, it is essential to choose suitable designs. But for some business enterprises like accountancy firms, law firms or other similar service providing companies, it is essential to keep the design of the business cards sleek and straightforward. Depending on the particular industrial sector that your firm belongs to, you have to select a suitable design for your business cards.

Ensure that the logo is printed properly

When it comes to printing business cards, it is vital to ensure that the logo is visible. The logo helps your customers associate with your brand. For any business enterprise to thrive and become successful, ensuring that the logo becomes one of their firm’s most well known features is essential. This allows customers to understand that they are dealing with a firm of repute and that the business enterprise is a credible one. When you get your business card printed, it is essential to have the logo printed on the card’s front face. This will help your customers understand your company’s brand easily and associate with it without any difficulty.

Do not put too many phone numbers on the cards

Entrepreneurs often make the mistake of putting too many phone numbers on business cards. This makes the cards look unnecessarily busy and challenging to understand. It also confuses the customer as to which number to call to get in touch with you. If you have a business card that provides customers with an opportunity to connect with your company, mention your office’s phone numbers. You need not give your personal numbers on the business card.
You can have a separate set of personal cards printed which you can give to your loyal customers, in case you want them to get in touch with you. However, it is always better to provide customers with business cards with the phone numbers of your office’s customer service and reception. If you have specific extensions that are important, you can mention these in the card. But it is essential to limit the number of phone numbers mentioned on the business cards.

Select a suitable color

The color scheme of the business card should be such that it does justice to your corporation and the products and services offered by it. Your business card should catch the prospective customer’s eye, and for that, the color scheme of the card should be perfect. 

You can discuss the color scheme of your business card with the printing company experts to understand which is ideal for your company. When you select a color scheme, it is also essential to ensure that it not too bright. It should be perfect to attract the person you are giving it to and stand out amongst your competitors.