Everything you need to know about flyer printing

Everything you need to know about flyer printing

If you are looking to promote your business locally, one of the easiest ways to do so would be to distribute flyers and pamphlets. You can quickly put flyers in the newspapers, and you can have these locally distributed. It is one of the cheapest methods of advertising and also allows you to increase your outreach. With the help of flyers, you can reach out to a broader range of prospective customers within a particular community. For example, suppose you want to access a specific neighborhood of residents, such as senior citizens who prefer traditional advertisement methods. In that case, you cannot go wrong with flyers distributed through newspapers. But before you can start printing flyers, you need to know all about the different types of flyers and how much it costs to get flyers printed.

Some important points about flier printing have been discussed below.

  1. What are the different types of flyers?
  2. How to design flyers?
  3. Why should you opt for technology-inspired flyer printing?
  4. What is the cost of printing flyers?
  5. What should you do while hiring services of a printing firm?

What are the different types of flyers?

Depending on your business requirement, you will have to select a suitable flyer for your enterprise. For instance, if you have a restaurant, you could opt for a tri-fold brochure-style flyer that provides your prospective customers adequate information about your eatery. Some of the unique features about the different types of flyers that you can easily find are as follows:

  • Leaflets: If you are looking for colored flyer printing, which is cheap and can be printed in bulk, you can choose to print leaflets. These are usually single-page print and can be of various sizes. In most cases, these are one-fourth the size of an A-4 sized paper. But these are ideal for simple advertisements and to inform your prospective customers about a new business enterprise.
  • Handbill: These are smaller than leaflets and ideal to be distributed by hand. For cheap flyer printing, handbills are an ideal option. You can have these distributed at regions where you expect more customers but distant from your business location. In other words, to expand your advertising options, you can have handbills distributed in places outside your immediate locality.
  • Pamphlet: According to experts associated with flyer printing, Edmonton pamphlets are cost-effective but sophisticated solutions for business enterprises looking to educate customers about their respective companies. These are smaller than brochures but provide adequate information about the respective businesses. In a pamphlet, you will get to know the company’s primary products and services and some basic details about the company. As a customer, you will have all the necessary information and the contact details of the company. As a company manager or an advertiser, if you are looking for a method to inform your prospective clients about your firm, you cannot go wrong with a pamphlet.
  • Brochures: You can also have brochures about your company printed and distributed much like a flyer. A brochure can be a trifold or a bi-fold one designed to provide adequate information about the business enterprise. Brochures provide more comprehensive information about the company, its products, and its services. This is the primary reason why restaurant owners prefer to have brochures distributed instead of handbills or leaflets. It allows them to provide customers information like the outline of the menu of the respective eateries. However, brochures are more expensive compared to other forms of flyers.

When you opt for flyer printing, it is essential to consider factors like information that you would like to provide in the flyer and the areas in which it is well distributed. When you think of types of flyers, you will also have to consider printing the flyers. If you want fast flyer printing, you will not just need the support of a printing press that has been doing flyer printing for many years. Still, the experts associated with the press should also provide you with complete support regarding different flyer types.  This is necessary because depending upon your business enterprise and the distribution model you select, you will have to choose a type of flyer.

How to design flyers?

Once you select the type of flyer you need for your business enterprise, you will have to select the design, pattern, and style of printing. It is essential to consider that flyers will be the first thing that your prospective customers will understand more about your company. Hence, it should be informative and attractive. Some of the factors that you should remember while getting the flyers for your company printed are as follows:

  • Functionality: When you design a flyer, you must look for functionality. It is necessary to discuss with the experts of the print shops regarding the designing of the flyers. The objective of a flyer is to provide information to the prospective customer without making it confusing. You will need to ensure that the information is provided functionally with the help of correct images so that your customers can associate easily with the information. When you think of functionality, it is also essential to consider the information that you provide in the flyer. Experts mention that it is essential to keep the information concise to get all the necessary information from the flyer.
  • Give the flyer a professional look: You must ensure that the flyer has a professional look to catch the eye of the person holding the flyer. This means you must make good use of images and provide helpful information along with the images. Standalone images can make the flyer confusing for the person reading it. Then again, too many images can prove to be counterproductive. So discuss with the experts and select images that give your flyer a professional look.
  • Provide all necessary information about your business enterprise: When you design a flyer, you must provide all the necessary information about your business enterprise in it. This means you must provide the address, phone numbers, and numbers of your customer service department. This makes the flyer professional and also assures your customers that you are available to resolve their queries. The flyer that you design is not just to inform the prospective customer about the existence of a business enterprise but also to let them know how they can reach out to you. This makes it easier for customers to create a channel of communication between themselves and your business enterprise.
  • Keep it simple: It is essential to keep the flyer’s design simple so that your customers do not get distracted. A simple design is more likely to catch the eye of your prospective customers. They will understand the information you wish to provide more quickly if you have a simple design and an informative flyer.

Designing a flyer is essential as you need to provide all the necessary information about your business enterprise within a limited space. Additionally, the information should be adequate to ensure that your prospective customers can understand the products and services offered by your firm. Finally, when you design a flyer for your business enterprise, you must remember to provide all information correctly.

Why should you opt for technology-inspired flyer printing?

When you opt for flyer printing, it is a good idea to modernize it by choosing technology-inspired printing. For example, you can choose a flyer design suitable for the digital world. This is suitable for business enterprises that are in the software industry. However, other business enterprises too can take advantage of technology-inspired printing. Some of the reasons why there is a growing demand for technology inspired flyer designs and printing are as follows:

  • There are several templates for flyers available online that are designed based on various technology-inspired designs. These designs are usually based on easy-to-read images. Your customers can easily associate with such designs. If you are looking for printing Edmonton services, then you could reach out to us. We can offer you customized solutions based on technology-inspired printing.
  • It has also been found that technology-inspired printing uses images that appeal easily to the younger generations. Here the commonly used images can be changed and morphed to have a unique flyer but one that has similar vibes as a modern and designer flyer. This is bound to have more appeal than a regular flyer.
  • If you have developed apps for your business enterprise, it is important to mention them, especially in a technology-inspired flyer. This is necessary to create a sense of communication with your customers and make your business enterprise more accessible to them.
  • By bringing technology into your flyer design, you make it appear like a slideshow. This gives it a unique appeal and, at the same time, makes the flyer informative. Such flyers are usually in the form of tri-fold or bi-fold brochures, but being essentially flyers is approachable to customers.

Technology-inspired flyer printing is an entirely different flyer design. It is customized and designed differently compared to regular flyers. Here information provided is all the more concise and is suitable for certain business enterprises. If you are a service-providing firm, you can opt for technology-inspired flyer printing.

What is the cost of printing flyers?

The cost of printing flyers depends upon the type of flyers that you are getting printed. If you are looking for cheap flyers Edmonton, you can consider getting in touch with us at Universal Printing, and our experts can help you understand the price of getting different types of flyers printed. The first thing you will have to consider is the type of flyer you want to print. Usually, simple handbills and leaflets are cheaper than brochures or pamphlets. These require more designing and customization, which makes the brochures and pamphlets expensive.

Additionally, the ink and the material used to print the brochures and pamphlets are better than handbills and leaflets. This is another reason which makes these significantly more expensive than handbills. When you think of the price of flyers, there are certain things that you should consider. Some of these are as follows:

  • First, you must evaluate the information and material that you want to provide to your prospective customers. If you want to make the flyer informative, then opt for a pamphlet or a brochure that is printed on good quality paper. This will be more expensive than your regular handbill.
  • If you want to approach your customers with information about a new business enterprise, you can choose to print handbills or leaflets. These can be printed in bulk and distributed over a significantly wide area. But the information that you can provide will be limited.

Thus, when you evaluate the cost of printing flyers, you will have to consider the utility of the flyers and the quality of the paper it is being printed on. The experts will also tell you that the cost of printing the flyers will also depend upon the quality of ink being used and the images being printed. The final cost of printing leaflets will be provided by the firm whose service you have hired.

What should you do while hiring services of a printing firm?

When you hire a printing service providing firm, you must discuss all aspects of the service provided by the firm. You must ask whether the firm will customize and provide you with comprehensive service right from designing the flyers are helping you understand the information that you should provide in the flyers. The firm should also help you evaluate the best type of leaflet that you should use to advertise the products and services offered by your firm. In other words, complete customization of the service is necessary to ensure that the flyer designed for your firm can reach out to prospective customers. The flyers are your mode of advertising, and hence, you need to ensure that it is designed to make maximum impact on your prospective customers.

If your company is located in Edmonton and looking for convenient printing services, consider reaching out to us at Universal Printing, 587-841-01888. Our experts are here to help you select the best flyer design for your business enterprise. So if you have any query regarding leaflet printing give us a call right away.

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