Lawn Signs: Types, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Lawn Signs: Types, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Lawn signs can be a great way to advertise your company, but it is important that you know the different types of lawn signs and their advantages and disadvantages. This blog post will go over lawn sign types, lawn sign printing services available in Edmonton, as well as some tips on how to choose the right lawn sign for you.

Lawn Sign

A lawn sign is an inexpensive way for advertising your business or political campaigns. These signs can be placed on a street-facing lawn, but they may also be erected in other places on the property such as in your front window or beside the road. They are popular in political campaigns within Canada.

There are three types of lawn signs

  1. single-sided lawns signs;
  2. double-sided lawn signs that are rotated so one side faces down while the other face-up;
  3. back lawn signs, which are printed on both sides and face away from the lawn.

Single-sided lawns sign:

This type of lawn sign is great for a short message that you want to convey quickly or if your company has only one location.

Double-sided lawn signs:

Double-sided lawn signs are good because they allow people who pass by to read your lawn sign in the direction they are going while also giving passersby on the other side of the lawn a chance to see it.

Back lawn signs:

Back lawns signs can be great for people who want their message to be seen by drivers coming from both directions or if you have multiple locations and would like one type of lawn sign in each location.

When you buy lawn signs from a lawn sign printing company, it is important to think about where and how the lawn sign will be placed on your property because this can affect the lawn sign design. You will need to decide from a single-sided lawns sign, double-sided lawns sign, or back lawn sign.

Types of the sign by material and shape

Corrugated Plastic lawn Signs:

Corrugated plastic yard signs are the most common type of yard/ lawn sign. It is an often-used type of custom yard sign. The term corrugated means that the signs have flutes, or channels, with which wire stakes are inserted for stability, and to place in a yard.

The benefits of the corrugated plastic signs are durable, affordable, and weather resistant.

The corrugated plastic lawn sign is further divided into three types:

  1. Rectangle shape sign
  2. Directional sign
  3. Custom cut sign
  4. Yello color sign

Aluminum lawn signs:

The aluminum lawn sign is built with aluminum, so it is weather resistant same as the corrugated plastic lawn sign. It is rustproof, durable, and lasts long. There is no effect of change in color and look.

The benefits of an aluminum lawn sign are it is durable, the longevity of the print, lightweight, good print quality.

Aluminum lawn signs are last longer compared to corrugated lawn signs.

Hybrid lawn signs:

Hybrid lawn signs are aluminum signs on steroids. It consists of two pre-painted aluminum sheets bonded to a corrugated polypropylene core, which creates a strong panel that is much lighter than solid aluminum.

Hybrid lawn signs are a popular choice for producing rigid, short-to-medium-term printed panels and signage for both indoor and outdoor usage. Hybrid lawn signs can be printed on both sides.

Digital Printing vs Silk Printing on a lawn sign

Silk printing is also known as screen printing, It is a very old technology used for centuries. Digital printing is invested in the late 90s. Digital printing is going more popular nowadays. Screen printing takes a long time for printing, but you will get the quality of design printing. Screen printing is ideal for big quantity print. Whereas digital printing is for small quantities.

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