Tips to have a perfectly printed business card

Tips to have a perfectly printed business card

If you plan to print business cards for your startup, you must select a design, outline, and color that makes your card stand out compared to your competitors. A business card must look official and at the same time give all the necessary information. In a limited space, you have to provide all the information about your company so that your prospective customers can easily reach out to you. So when you get your business cards printed, you must create an outline and ensure that a reputed printing firm prints your cards. When it comes to business printing, service providers can guide you regarding selecting the outline, color and design.

Points to check business cards are perfect

Some of the points that you should consider to ensure that your business cards are perfect are as follows

Keep the design of the business card simple

You must select a simple template and keep the design of the card simple. But at the same time, the card should indicate the particular industrial sector your business enterprise belongs to. Say, for instance, you are a restaurateur, then you must have specific images or symbols that indicate you own a restaurant. This is necessary to ensure that your customers can associate with your business enterprise and your brand. In the case of other types of industrial sectors, it is essential to choose suitable designs.

But for some business enterprises like accountancy firms, law firms or other similar service providing companies, it is essential to keep the design of the business cards sleek and straightforward. Depending on the particular industrial sector that your firm belongs to, you have to select a suitable design for your business cards.

Ensure that the logo is printed properly

When it comes to printing business cards, it is vital to ensure that the logo is visible. The logo helps your customers associate with your brand. For any business enterprise to thrive and become successful, ensuring that the logo becomes one of their firm’s most well known features is essential. This allows customers to understand that they are dealing with a firm of repute and that the business enterprise is a credible one. When you get your business card printed, it is essential to have the logo printed on the card’s front face. This will help your customers understand your company’s brand easily and associate with it without any difficulty.

Do not put too many phone numbers on the cards

Entrepreneurs often make the mistake of putting too many phone numbers on business cards. This makes the cards look unnecessarily busy and challenging to understand. It also confuses the customer as to which number to call to get in touch with you. If you have a business card that provides customers with an opportunity to connect with your company, mention your office’s phone numbers. You need not give your personal numbers on the business card.

You can have a separate set of personal cards printed which you can give to your loyal customers, in case you want them to get in touch with you. However, it is always better to provide customers with business cards with the phone numbers of your office’s customer service and reception. If you have specific extensions that are important, you can mention these in the card. But it is essential to limit the number of phone numbers mentioned on the business cards.

Provide physical and social media addresses

The business card should contain the address of the physical location of your office and your social media addresses. You should provide the physical location of your company s to add credibility and authenticity to your company. Your prospective customers should be able to visit your office physically and discuss their requirements with your or your employees. Some of the points that you must remember about your social media addresses are as follows:

  • Your social media profile is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers and stay in touch with them. Hence, you must give the complete address so that your customers can read about your company on these platforms. They will also want to read reviews about your company. So you must give the correct social media address.
  • Your company’s website is another online detail that you must mention on your business card. Ensure that you give the complete address so that your prospective clients can visit your company’s int website and understand more about products and services offered by your company.

Your business card must be informative and precise, providing all necessary details about your company. This is necessary to help your customers connect with your business enterprise and stay in touch with you.

Select a suitable color

The color scheme of the business card should be such that it does justice to your corporation and the products and services offered by it. Your business card should catch the prospective customer’s eye, and for that, the color scheme of the card should be perfect. You can discuss the color scheme of your business card with the printing company experts to understand which is ideal for your company. When you select a color scheme, it is also essential to ensure that it not too bright. It should be perfect to attract the person you are giving it to and stand out amongst your competitors.

You must take the help of expert printing services when you get your business cards printed. This will ensure that the work is done expertly and your business cards too will look perfect. If your company is located in Edmonton and you are thinking of getting business cards printed, then consider getting in touch with us at Universal Printing, 587-481-0421. We provide numerous commercial printing services and not just business card printing that are bound to meet your expectations and your requirements. You can also check out our services by visiting our website: So if you have any queries regarding printing services then give us a call right away.

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